Gary D. Seale Business Biography

Gary Seale has been involved in several major industries and worked for three Fortune 500 companies during his career.  He started his business career as a Corporate Buyer for Wilson Industries in Houston, now owned by Smith International.  Gary’s initial sales position was with The 3M Company in the Dallas area.  He then moved into Product Management, Sales and Operations Management with Vallen Safety Supply, now owned by Hagemeyer North America.  Gary spent eleven years with an Illinois Tool Works company called Simco Static Control as a Regional Sales Manager – North America and as a Global Accounts Manager.  He has experience with Nationwide Insurance as a sales producing Commercial Agent with the largest Nationwide agency in the Austin, Texas area.  The Trucon Consulting Group, LLC was formed in 2007 and has provided business management, outsourced sales representation, sales consulting, marketing and training services for a broad range of products and companies.

His successes include founding an office for Vallen in Austin, TX and growing sales to over five million dollars annually.  He pioneered the clean room market for Vallen, compiled a line of products, published a clean room catalog and grew local sales to over a million dollars annually in this category.  During this time, he implemented a National Accounts program at Alcoa Aluminum, which generated sales exceeding 1.6 million dollars annually and served on the Executive Board of The Texas Safety Association.  In addition, he served as a regional sales and negotiation trainer for Vallen and served as an instructor for Texas A & M Extension Engineering Services.  

Gary was chosen to help start a new division for Illinois Tool Works, called Simco Cleanroom & Static Control products in 1997.  He successfully set up distribution and rep agencies, pioneered the electronics market in Mexico and generated over six million dollars in profits with this division.  He was promoted to International Accounts Manager and successfully introduced new ionization products and grew sales with Texas Instruments, Seagate, Maxtor and Hitachi in Mexico, the United States, Singapore, Bangkok, Thailand and Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China.  Gary has a passion for seeing the sales process executed properly and supplying excellent service through the highest level of conscientiousness possible.

As a Professional Sales Speaker, Gary delivers with a voice of experience and a passion for excellence. To contact Gary about a Keynote or Sales Oriented training session select this link and review the topics available on the Keynotes and Sales Training page.

Trucon ( has provided services to a diversity of companies: home mortgages, ionization products,  gas detection, commercial insurance, business and industrial software, IT services, telecom systems, semi-conductor test equipment, digital billboards, commercial real estate, circuit boards and electronic controls.  Additional client categories include commercial flooring, safety equipment, Allison transmissions, HVAC commercial services, ISO 9001 certifications and executive search services.  

Gary holds a BBA from The University of Texas at Arlington

He holds a MBA from Texas State University: Beta Gamma Sigma Academic Honors

Distinguished Toastmaster Certification – Toastmasters International

Certified Negotiations Instructor – Learning International

Book Author: Business Principles from Proverbs & Sales Analysis Tool Kit